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    I am using a STEP model for a DIN rail encloser box, I need to open it and remove the cover then place and fix my board in the base part. Is this possible to edit STEP models? If so, can Altium do it? If not, which software do you recommend?

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    I don't think Altium will let you edit the STEP model. I'm a fan of Fusion 360 and have a little experience with it. It's fairly inexpensive to get into and has a huge following and support network.

    If the model you want to edit is actually made up of the individual pieces, once you import it into a mechanical CAD program like Solidworks or Fusion 360, it should show you the individual pieces. Then you can edit remove or replace each piece. Then save it as a single STEP file and import to altium. OR export your electronics design as a STEP or other and import the electronics design to the mechanical CAD.


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      Here's a nice comparison of mechanical cad programs.


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        Altium can not do it. You need any external MCAD software.
        Watch this one of Robert's videos about DesignSpark software. It is free software.
        How to Design a BOX for my PCB? It's simple and Free - YouTube


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          I am currently also using Fusion 360 - it has support to export into step:

          PS: I think, STEP file editing may be limited.


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            The thing is that Altium requires STEP files. Exporting STEP files are almost always paid software tools (ie. Fusion 360, Creo, Solidworks, etc.)

            The only free tool that I found is FreeCad. If you are like me, and doing 3D is a rare occasion, then it may be fine.
            I had partial success modifying a STEP model. But, if it just 'splitting' a combined model into two parts, then no problem.