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Change Width of Track Within Accordion

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  • Change Width of Track Within Accordion

    Hi All,

    If I need to change the width of an entire track, usually I just select the entire track and set the track width from within properties panel. But, when a track includes an accordion, and the entire track is selected, the width parameter doesn't show in the properties panel. If I select all of the track except the accordion is shows the width parameter and I can correct it. But then the accordion section remains.

    How to changed track width within an accordion? OR how to change track width of entire track, when track includes an accordion?

    Thanks, folks! Have a great day

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    There are more methods:
    1. Select them (tracks and accordians) and Route->Retrace Selected. Don't forget to set the new rule before. Track paths could be changed depends on new rules!

    2. All of PCB objects can always be editable in low levels by PCB List Panel. Change traces as you did it. Select Accordian nets on PCB Panel->Unions->Interactive Length tunings. Rewrite Width column values of track under PCB List Panel. Don't forget switch to edit mode. You can edit more objects together. If you need have modify only widths, this is the best.

    3. You can convert accordians into free primitive via Tools->Explode Length Tuning To Free Primitive command. After this they are editable as simple Tracks, Arcs.



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      Nice! Thanks