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Meander / accordion / "zig-zag" pour

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  • Meander / accordion / "zig-zag" pour

    Dear Fedevel members,

    I would like to ask a little help.
    I have to design an anti tamper flex PCB wich is basically one continuos "zig-zag" tarce. The main issue is the board shape and the cutouts, it's very tricky.
    The outline has no paralell sides and there are 30+ round cutouts (dia. 15-50mm) in the middle.
    I've tried to "fill" the board with the accordion length tuning function, but it can't "embreace" the round cutouts.
    The board size is roughly 300mm x 400mm the trace width is 2mm and the gap between them are also 2mm.
    Does anyone have any idea how can altium "fill" a board with a meandering pattern automatically?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Perhaps you'll have an easier time drawing or creating the shape in a mechanical cad app, export as DXF or some such, then import into Altium, then convert to a copper region? You could do this in a footprint and place smt pads at each end. 🤷 Good luck 🤞


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      Regen Hal, interesting. I do not really have any specific answer, but I am just curious how this will work?

      PS: I guess, when someone cuts the line something will happen. But I do not know how this could be used.


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        I'm still try to figure it out.
        But WhoKnewKnows idea is very good, thanks