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What is the best calculator for pcb design?

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  • What is the best calculator for pcb design?

    hello sir,
    Can you tell me which is the best calculator for PCB design? When I design a PCB, I have to fix my design rules. When I design a PCB, I have to decide what is the via size , what is the drill size of my PCB.
    So, how do I calculate what are the appropriate parameters for my PCB?

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    One of the industry standards is the Saturn PCB toolkit
    And the YouTube video


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      I agree with qdrives, Saturn PCB Toolkit is a really useful calculator.

      About VIA or drill size, the smallest what I normally use are:
      - if I would like to create a cheap PCB then minimum is usally 0.6mm pad size / 0.3mm hole,
      - if I do not have space on PCB and I can use more expensive PCB, then it is usually 0.45mm pad size / 0.2mm drill size

      This may explain why:
      How to design cheaper PCB? What the parameters on PCB manufacturer website mean?


      • Shahriar sakib
        Shahriar sakib commented
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        Thank you for sharing the information, sir. Actually I am learning pcb design. I am copying some pcb design exemple. So it was very important to know all this information.