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xSignals indicates "broken" in length field

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  • xSignals indicates "broken" in length field

    Hi Folks,

    I set up and used xSignals to do length matching a while back, produced the PCBA. I've made some changes to other aspects of the design and I'd like to use xSignals to confirm that my length matching that I previously achieved, is still valid. Unfortunately, the PCB panel's xSignals tab shows all nets' length fields "broken". I'm guessing this means I'll have to delete all of the xSignals items that I made previously and re-enter the xSignals info. But, if you're familiar with this happening in xSignals and know a trick to get it to self correct without a bunch of work, please LMK. That would be great.



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    Sometimes helps to redraw parts of the track (or in the worse case the whole track), but sometimes I can't figure out why it happening. It especially happens when I move between different Altium versions ... very annoying.


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      I have a similar issue, some xSignals sometimes get the status HIDDEN or BROKEN, while the track looks just fine. I found a workaround: Delete the whole track (select 1 piece and press Tab one or more times until the complete track including via's is selected, then press Delete). Then undo the Delete action with Ctrl-Z. In my case the xSignal is correctly detected again.