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PCB filter: how highlight pads on an especific class, with net but unrouted

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  • PCB filter: how highlight pads on an especific class, with net but unrouted

    Hello, I have read the post (Automatic color of single pin nets 10-25-2019) and the answer is very close to what I need now. However, it does not solve my problem. I need to create a filter that highlights those pads of a specific class that have net, but no track has been routed yet. The connections in mode show is not the solution. I need to highlight pads with net and unrouted. Please, can anybody help me?

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    Why do you need this? What are you trying to do? What is it that you're trying to accomplish?


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      Are the ratsnets not the thing for that? View / Connection / Show All. (or N S A)


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      Hello, first of all I say you thanks for your answer.

      Of course, I know how to activate the connections. Let me explain. I have a pcb with 18 layers, all the connections must be made without any via (it is a backpanel with more than 14 DIN connectors). There are many restrictions between classes (there are 12 classes). I have to choose very well in which layer to route each track. Connection lines (visually) do not help me to move quickly. On the other hand, when I work with the highlighting option I advance much faster. My problem is that I have to do it (to highlight by class and unrouted pad) manually and I waste time. This is why I want a filter that highlight pads + class + unrouted.

      Thanks for advance.


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        Are you familiar with query language? If you right click on an object, such as a pad in a class, you can select find similar, then tune a simple filtering dialog to select what you want. You can set this dialog to create a query to use in query language. This should give you a hint on how to construct a query statement that will highlight what you want, if constructing from the find similar dialog doesn't do it. Good luck..


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          I don't think there is a filter which can be used to find unrouted pads with a netname assigned (but I may be wrong).

          I would probably create smaller classes, so I could easily check the connections by eye when that class would be highlighted.


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            I have spent several hours applying Mr WhoKnewKnows advice, but without success. I really think that what you tell me, Robert, is correct: there isn't any filter wich can use to find unrouted pads with a netname assigned. Create multiple classes aren't the solution, because I am constantly routing part of this classes.. and then again I have the same problem.
            I am thinking on another solution, my be if I "put a mark" (an innocuous atribute) in all pads full routed (every time I route a pad I put that mark on it), then the filter will be possible (maybe)
            filter: (IsPad AND InNetClass('xxxxxx')) and NOT "new attribute". Now I am looking for any mark innocuous for this.

            Thank you very much.


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              Again coming to ratsnets - you can assign different colors to different nets.
              From the PCB panel select the net class, select the nets, right-click and select change net color.

              Click image for larger version

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