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  • Squeeze KeepOut Layer

    Hi Guys,
    I am working on a mechanical layer and need to put it away from the board edge, so need to create a squeezed shape of the keep-out layer. The keep-out layer is complex and rigid/flex form, so recreating it is difficult. I was wondering is it possible to use the keep-out layer as a base and create a squeezed form? Let's assume 0.5mm smaller in all directions?
    Regarding conductive layers, it can be done by clearance constraint, but for mechanical layers, I do not know how to apply it!

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    This may help you: How To Use Follow Contour Routing Mode | Altium Designer


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      robertferanec , thank you for your suggestion, actually I was not aware of that feature, interesting.

      But in my case, it is not helping, the reason is those layers and polygons are located in a non-conductive mechanical layer.
      I created shapes using geometry data and working.

      Now got another problem, layer type is the coating top/bottom, it is a kind of extra protection which will be glued over solder mask. But I can not add it to the stack-up, so no showing it in the layer legend and the calculated board thickness is not correct, any help?


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        - you can copy/move objects (tracks, polygons, etc) between layers. You can draw it on a layer where it is possible and move it to the layer you need to have it on.
        - I don't know if you can add extra coating layer into altium stackup. I would just add this info into the manufacturing notes.