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  • AD text string

    How to make a string that changes with variant?,e.g. in varintA the the string shows NF,in variantB the string shows 10kΩ and in default view,the the string shows nothing.Could I make a formula about it?

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    In what context will the string be used/appear, schematic, BOM, PCB layer?


    • changc365
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      In shematic.

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    With the special strings it should work that way (although I do not know for not fitted components).
    How to do special strings... well, I think the WhoKnewKnows already alluded to that.
    Often starting with "=" or "." followed by the parameter name you want to show.
    But do know, that generally that data is already shown...


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      Is "NF" supposed to mean Not Fitted?

      Altium has a variety of ways to indicate that a component is not fitted on the schematic when a variant is selected and the schematic is exported to PDF or printed. I think default is a big red X covering the body of the schematic symbol when it's not included (not fitted). However, there's a variety of ways this can be indicated. Perhaps you can settle for one of these?


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        As WhoKnewKnows mentions: ​with Project -> Variant -> Drawing style you can set how to draw it.
        Below screenshot is the default setting. I personally want a red cross with the PCB drawing too.

        Click image for larger version

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          The value can change based on variant, but I am not sure if there is an option to change text based on a condition.


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            changc365 Would you like to provide more info about what you want? What are you trying to accomplish? Could you provide more background info?