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    I am working on a motherboard.
    I am at the very beginning.
    I have about 10.000 errors.
    That is not the problem.
    I would like to search for a given resistor, let's say R45.
    I didn't find how to do that.
    I converted the report into PDF file. I've got more than 500 pages.
    When I start a search with Ctrl F, I don't find anything.

    Thanks for help.

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    Steps to reduce the number of errors:
    - Disable or correct rules that a wrong (ie. clearance to high, silk to solder mask, silk to silk, etc.)
    - Use the PCB rules and violations to fix rule for rule
    For a specific component use the PCB panel to select/ go-to the component. The heads-up display show show violations with the component when the mouse hovers over it (or pad, trace, etc.)


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      So there is no way to search for a component in the report ?


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        Why do you need to find the error message in the list of error messages for a particular component? Is it because you can see a violation on the component in the PCB design space but there's no indication of what the violation is in the PCB design space?

        You can enable the heads-up display and hover the mouse cursor over the violation and the error message for that violation should appear in the heads-up display.

        Hope this helps