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    Hi Guys,

    Wondering, how did the manufacturer get information about the used VIA type? Is it included in the NC-Drill data? Or do we have to add this data to the generated files?
    There is an option in the output job file to generate stack-up data, but do you know how we can add VIA information to it?

    Draftsman has such a feature, but I am going to add similar information to the PCB itself. Any help?


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    Are you talking about the new IPC via types with tenting, filling, plating, etc.?
    As far as I know, the NC--drill data only tell where to drill, not the other process steps.


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      If you only mean what layers to drill, they can see it from the drill files - the manufacturing drill files say between what layers the drilling is happening.


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        robertferanec , thank you!
        For the stack-up, since it is not included in GERBERs (not sure about ODB++), we have to inform the manufacturer about the detail of it; however, I had doubt indeed, do we need to inform the manufacturer about type of vias, as well?
        According to your message, it is included in the NC-Drill.
        I also did more study and saw it in the Drill table, type and size of via are included, so sound NC-Drill data should be enough.