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Subject Suggestion about Short Video on YouTube!

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  • robertferanec
    Definitely, please leave your comments with all the suggestions and possible topics you would like to learn about.

    PS: I am not an expert for this, but you may be able to do some TDR measurements with a good scope, but you would need a pulse generator. Try to google for it e.g. maybe something like this can help: Also there is a device called nanoVNA - that will not show TDR, but it can measure impedance - maybe that could also help e.g.

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  • Subject Suggestion about Short Video on YouTube!

    Dear Robert,
    I would like to appreciate your recent activity on YouTube by posting short videos, I am enjoying them and also learning new subjects.
    Can we ask for a topic or issue for videos?
    For a long time, I am wondering how we can measure characteristic impedance Z0 of a PCB trace? Suppose PCB is just arrived, not populated, or we have a test trace out of keep-out area, and we do have ordinary lab equipment, such as multimeter, scope, function generator; BUT no sophisticated one such as spectrum analyzer or reflectometer. Is it possible to measure Z0?