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  • Variant-based Text/Comment

    I was wondering does AD has this feature? Suppose we have two sets of comments or description text, I want to make them variant dependant. On variant A, one set of text or comment is shown and the others will show if the variant is changed to another one, B?

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    Perhaps if you made schematic symbols with one text item in each symbol. You could place all of these symbols on your schematic. Enable placement/disable placement using variants. Then, the schematic will show a red NF or red X or some such covering the text that isn't in effect. 🤷‍♂️


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      WhoKnewKnows , thank you for your suggestion, appreciate it; what I was thinking is that text goes faded when variant changes.


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        I have never tried that, but, I think you can add parameters for specific variant(?) Maybe that could be used (you can show that parameters in a text field)?


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          Nice! The first image in the link that Robert shared shows a space where parameters can go. I'd like to experiment with this when I have time.


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            Like robertferanec mentions, you can add parameters to variants.
            The little problem is that it is not always possible to use them properly (like draftsman, older version AD?)