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Assign IBIS model to pins of schematic

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  • Assign IBIS model to pins of schematic

    There are some Altium libraries that can be found here:

    This also contains libraries for Altera and Xilinx parts. I have downloaded them as well.

    The Altera library contains the EP4CE115F29C7 that I am interested in. This is the FPGA that is used on the DE2-115 board as well.

    When I open the schematic symbol window I can see what is attached.

    It appears to me that no IBIS model is assigned to the pins. How do I assign the IBIS models? The IBIS models can be downloaded from here:
    IBIS models for Intel Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA devices support a wide variety of Input/output features. These IBIS Models are for Matured Intel Devices.

    The thing is that the actual IBIS model depends on a lot of things like the I/O standard and slew rate and so on. Now how does one assign IBIS models and make sure that the correct one gets used in simulation? The simulation will most likely be carried out in an external tool. Do we instead use the tool like Intel Quartus Prime to output IBIS models for the important pins and directly import them into the simulation tool and never import them into the Altium designer?

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    First off, if you are going to do the simulation in another tool, you do not need to set up the the IBIS model in Altium.

    Assigning an IBIS model is the same as assigning a footprint. At the bottom of your screenshot you see the "add footprint" button with a small down arrow next to it. Click on that arrow to add other models (ie. IBIS and SPICE).
    Once the IBIS model is added, you can configure it.

    I have worked very little with signal integrity and IBIS models so besides configuring the (IBIS) model settings in the schematic library, I do not know where/how else.