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Repeat function for bus support in multisheet design.

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  • Repeat function for bus support in multisheet design.


    From couples ours I'm trying solve same issue related to bus and multisheet design.

    I use subsheet (child) which include 8 inputs buffer. All inputs are merge to bus and put to input port. On parent sheet I would like to use repeat function two increase bus from 1..8 to 1..16 (mybus[1..8]), so repeat(mysheet,1,2). On parent sheet I have other sub sheet which include 1 output, repeated 16 times (repeat(other_mysheet,1..16)). Finally I would like receive connection 1-1 to 16-16 singles connections. How to handle connection between both sheet, because it not such simple like it looks like or I have no idea.


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    Repeat in Altium is a real pain in the butt, counter intuitive and not possible to do it without warnings.

    In the link above is the documentation to do it.
    You connect the repeating entries first with a normal line. That then goes to a bus. The sheet entry must be named Repeat (...), like Repeat(mybus).

    An old issue. I see that my bug crunch has been archived -