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Firmware simulation of a uC in Altium. Is it possible? How?

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  • Firmware simulation of a uC in Altium. Is it possible? How?

    Hello everyone,
    I am new in this forum and I hope to make a contribution.​

    Into the web you can find information about Proteus software for the
    simulation of firmware in schematics. Virtual System Modelling combines SPICE mixed-mode simulation with fast simulation of world-leading microcontrollers on schematics.

    Can this be achieved with Altium? Is there such a thing? How?

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    No, Altium can't do microcontroller simulations. Why would you need this?

    PS: Normally I just buy a development board and build hardware and software around them.


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      I want to realize board "pre-production" simulation.
      Are there other possibilities?


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        What is the purpose of the simulation:
        1) To test the circuit?
        2) To test the (application) software?
        3) To test the peripherals?

        I would say most mistakes with a microcontroller is not properly connecting the pin to the peripheral functions.
        This can often be checked with tools from the (MCU) manufacturer.
        There are already limitations/bugs in those software tools, so I would not trust a third party to be reliable enough.

        For points 1 you can use any SPICE simulation and for points 2 and 3, like robertferanec already mentioned, there are development boards.
        For point 2 you could run C code on your desktop and check that it 'works' that way.

        All said, there is no test like on the actual hardware.


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          Ok, thanks for the support


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            As qdrives pointed out, simulations are not perfect. I would not spend time trying to simulate a microcontroller - you will get much better results using development boards. Often development boards of microcontrollers are not expensive.