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  • Export connection to Excel

    Suppose you have a big FPGA on the board, or a series of big connectors, and need to report signal-to-pad/pin connection, either for documentation or other EDA use, do we have the capability in the AD to export connection to Excel file format?

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    A netlist or a script to customise the output


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      Dear qdrives, as I searched several times there is no direct way or menu for this task, would you provide a little more explanation about your approach? thank you in advance!


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        In a JobFile add a WireList netlist.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	capture export wiring netlist.png
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        Let me know if you still want to go down the scripting path.
        I do have a script that exports about the same as the Wirelist export, but being a script, you have control on what / how to export.
        Not everything still works in the script. I had to comment some none functioning parts.


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          qdrives, thank you for your help. I created the report, but it is still away from what is needed, so possible help for scripting and converting results to Excel is very appreciated,

          Meantime wondering why Altium is not adding this feature to their menu or export options.
          If you choose Tools->Configure Pin Swapping, a list of connectors appears, and after selecting the desired connector it reports the connected nets. Of course, we can copy/paste it to Excell, but the export to Excel command/button is missing, in the menu, it is also possible to add that feature and the same to the outjob,
          Hop AD engineers are looking at this forum.


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            Open your Altium project, open all schematic files and the PCB file. Select a schematic tab so a schematic is in focus.

            Click the Design menu and select Netlist for Project. This dropps down an additional menu that appears to be standard Netlist formats.

            Perhaps this is what you're looking for? I've Easter egged this, and have no experience with it. Good luck 🤞


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              WhoKnewKnows Ha, there they are... I was looking for them in the File -> Export menu. But there is the same selection as with the Job file.

              JohnsonMiller I have attached my script project. For what you want, you can comment out the lines that fail.
              Add the common.pas to the project.
              The script you want is called: GenerateConnectionList
              Open the script project, then File / Run script.
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                in schematics you can right click on a component and go to pin mapping
                Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	73.1 KB ID:	21458

                you can export your pinning from there. and do as much excel mojo that you want​..
                Click image for larger version

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                i used this to check io mapping/ and check pin naming etc..

                havent checked out the provided script .. but this is built in alitum ..
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                  Paul van Avesaath much better than my script for this purpose.
                  Last edited by qdrives; 05-24-2023, 01:12 PM.


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                    Thank you guys, this export was what I was looking for.