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What is benefit of using test point manager they can be created without it?

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  • What is benefit of using test point manager they can be created without it?

    I have seen this video from Robert: "TIP #080: Add testpoints" on youtube. From what I understand is that something called test point exists as a component in the schematic and then it will appear on the PCB as well. The test point appears on the end product as pads.

    Separately from this, I have found that Altium has something called test point manager. Also, when we add a pad or via into the PCB view, it was a "Testpoint" section under properties that has options "Fabrication" and "Assembly" with check boxes for "Top" and "Bottom". Is any of this useful or important to use for adding testpoints? I am asking this since none of this seems to have been discussed in the youtube video.

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    In a higher altitude view, usually an individual item in Altium has some feature the user can control, such as test point status on a via. When a design has many individual items that need something controlled or managed, Altium often offers a manager function that lets the user work at a higher level of abstraction. There's the polygon manager, test point manager, and so on.

    Meanwhile, I'm going back to Robert's videos to watch the one about test points. Perhaps the mentioned features that were missing in the video are new since the version used when the video was created?


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      When you truly work with the testpoints in Altium, you want to work with the manager too.
      Question is how much you want to design for test, add test points, or let the assembly company do it.


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        Some time ago I had a look at Altium testpoints feature, but I think it was overcomplicated. It was better to add the tespoints into schematic as a component, rather than using the special Altium feature. I am not sure what is the status now and if it would be more useful.