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About changing the impedance profile following a new stack up

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  • About changing the impedance profile following a new stack up

    Hi everyone,

    I have a design.
    I decided to change the stackup.
    Is there an easy way to update the new differential pairs profiles?
    If I select the whole differential pair and then Route > Retrace Selected, AD very often destroys the previous design. Then you have to redesign and tune the new differential pair.
    It is very time consuming.
    Thanks for ideas.

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    In my case, I only need to change the width that becomes bigger, the gap remains unchanged to 127um.


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      Perhaps shelving the polygon pours prior to selecting retrace?


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        For example, how would you manage the redesign of these differential pairs according to the new stackup.
        I kindly remind that the width only has to be changed. The gap is unchanged.


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          In the Altium presentations it always seems to work. Retrace does not do what I expect.


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            Retrace doesn't work at all.
            For example, if you have a differential tuning on the pair, AD very often deletes the tuning!
            In fact, except for single tracks, there is no interest to use Retrace.
            The best way is to:

            - make a copy of the project, run it with a second AD session and use it as a model.
            - delete all the differential pairs you have to update in the first session and draw them again from scratch.

            I have only 200 differential pairs to fix .................................................. ....


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              unfortunately, this is often learned by the hard way. Several times I mentioned on this forum, when I am routing I always use wider tracks and only adjust the proper width (make the tracks narower) after everything is routed. It is the same for diff pairs.

              I had to change PCB manufacturers multiple times so I learned, there always has to be enough space around tracks to be able to change the width if needed.

              In your case, I would just manually reroute them. Not really many other options.


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                robertferanecThanks for reply.
                My design is a 12 layers design with through holes.
                I find that there are issues:
                1/ The layer including PCIe signals between MXM board and CPU is very dense. Probably too much.
                2/ I put a lot of GND vias in the design and the power polygon pours are often "cut" by these vias.

                What do you think about the idea to use a 16 layers design involving through vias and also introduce buried and blind vias?

                I saw your very interesting video with Rick but you don't speak about 16 layers.
                What is for you the best 16 layers stack up?



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                  1) Make an ideas or bugcrunch at Atlium. Hopefully they will fix this (including the spacing for differential pairs).

                  2) But a bit like robertferanec says, if you could live with just changing the width, you do not need to re-route them. However, it may make the spacing a bit wider as the center of the traces stays in place.

                  3) How about HDI?