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How to generate library to start advance PCB layout course

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  • How to generate library to start advance PCB layout course

    I have tried to do the 'imported library' generation but it is showing an error so I am not able to start my course. ​

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    That's not just an error, that's a crash.

    If you're using the latest version of Altium, I wonder if the course content is too old, and there's a compatibility problem 🤔.

    Or, if someone else knows it's not a compatibility problem, then perhaps you've got a failed install of Altium and it needs to be reinstalled?

    Might be a good time to confirm you've got a normal direct install of Altium on a Windows PC and are not running Altium within a VM on another OS or some such.

    Good luck 🤞


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      Yes I am using the latest version of Altium and yes I have a normal direct install of Altium. What should I do now to complete the course?


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        Is this a Fedevel Academy course? If so I imagine robertferanec will be along shortly to help out.

        You might try downloading the course content again to confirm you haven't received a corrupted file(s).

        If the project is publicly available, perhaps another member here who also has the latest Altium installed can download the project and also try the step that is causing you trouble?


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          Yes it is a Fedevel Academy course and I have tried to download 4 or 5 times and do the same process but not working.


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            Altium just released a new version days ago. Perhaps try installing a previous Altium version to see if it begins to work right?

            Altium will usually let you have multiple Altium installs of various versions.


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              I have 23.6.0 version. Will it not work with this version?


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                IDK, I've never taken this course, don't know what course you're talking.

                I'm just another member on this forum with slightly more Altium experience than you. I try to help out when I can.

                Try identifying the course you're having trouble with. Perhaps someone with experience with that course will join our conversation.

                I think I'm out of suggestions. 🤷


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                  An integrated library is a combination of schematic library and pcb library.
                  Is it possible to open it?
                  Can you extract the content?

                  One other alternative is to try and open it with 7-zip and see if you can get the original SchLib and PcbLib files through that.


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                    I am not able to generate integrated library at first place.

                    I am talking about Advanced PCB Layout Course in which I need the libraries to start.​


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                      Can anyone help me with this?


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                        I was not talking about generating it, but extracting the original libraries as described in the link -- De-compiling.


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                          If you post the library here, others can test too.


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                            I do not have the library that is the problem. Altium is crashing when I am trying to generate the library.


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                              This is the error or crashClick image for larger version

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