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  • Reposition Selected Components

    In video you are using Replacement Selected Component.
    I have used this in my design, and everything is working fine.

    But after I created the new design (copy paste all project) and added new component in Library (schematic and pcb) and created new schematic file,I got the problem in pcb file.

    I have update pcb document and got the components in pcb file.

    This new components have problems:
    1. I cannot do Replacement Selected Component - this component went away of visible scope of pcb document.

    2. Even if I manually try to put it on PCB, location of this component regarding to origin (which I set) is not normal. For example: component which is located in (7,10) regarding to origin, in component dialog is showing -1234, 1245 (x,y). It is something like bug, or update didn't work.
    Also each other component that was previously on the pcb has correct position and can be replaced from schematic.
    I'm using Altium 14.
    - Can you help me about this?

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    I am not exactly sure what to problem is, I have note seen anything like this. What I would do, I would probably check if all components are using correct library and if they are up to date (Go to Schematic: Tools -> Update from Libraries). Then I would probably go into PCB, deleted the problematic components (maybe if they are placed outside of PCB area, try to use the left PCB panel, be sure "Select" is checked, click on the problematic components, go to PCB and press Delete) ... then re-synchronize the project (go to Schematic: Design -> Update PCB ... ).


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      Ok I found what happened.

      This is picture of problem after updated from schematic.

      For update I usually do Execute Changes. When I press it, I upload and everything is green (components,pins and components class member).
      But, now I pressed on Validate Changes. It has failed to add class member:Component ... and also adding pins to nets failed.

      I don't know what could happen because I have done everything you said. I will ask google, but if you know fast trick let me know.

      P.S. this forum is great .
      Best regards.


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        BTW: How did you get the "Distance" window from the picture (what exactly did you measure)?


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          In ECO, test of component passed (but other tests of connections and class member failed), so i have this components in PCB file. I could drag and drop (but couldn't reposition it) component on PCB and measure from origin (bottom left of PCB) to the center of components and distance is good. But when you double click figure bellow is what you got . I still couldn't figure out what was the problem but will let you know .


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            Ok solved. Even if validation showed that there are failures with unknown pins and class members and component exists after ECO execution pcb is updated. What needs to be done is to update in pcb library (update PCB with...). After that reposition works and location is correct. Best regards.


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                It's good that you manage to fix the problem. Nowadays I never bother with validation, I always execute the ECO directly (of course after going through the list, if the changes are important). I've noticed that many times Altium gives error during execution/validation of some of the changes, but it is always all good.


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                  Yep, I agree with mairomaster. Even if there are no Errors during import, it doesn't mean there are no Errors I have seen it many time. The best is to run the PCB update until there are is a message "No differences".