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    I have used the COMPONENT WIZARD in Altium to create Edge connectors. It works fine, but I have noticed that the solder paste layer is included, so when the PCB is manufactured, the solder paste will be added to these pads and they will be covered with tin. I want to gold plate these pads, as is normally done with these type of connectors. Should I delete the shapes included in this layer by Altium by default? I am doing something wrong?

    Thank you in advance!!

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    If you double click on a PAD, you can specify "Paste Mask Expansion". Just put there a negative number e.g. -10mm (the value of the number depends on PAD size).

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	PAD Paste layer 2.jpg
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      Ok. Thank you. I was in doubt, because I do not understand why Altium adds a solder paste to these pins if they are going to be an edge connector. Is there any good reason for it? Thank you for your help.


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        I guess they just didn't make it smart enough. I will also advice that when you use a negative value, as Robert suggested, don't make it ridiculously big, -1000mm lets say. I've had some problems in the past because of that. I believe this was making the selection rectangle of the footprint huge (could have been something else though). Use a value which is just enough to uncover the whole pad.


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          Yes, I agree with mairomaster. It's good to use a value which will just remove the paste, do not use too large numbers.