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    Hi Guys,

    Trying to add 3D view of Hirose DM3CS-SF to the library and then board, the gui shows the 3D model, but the library view and board fails to render it, there is no error and warning, need your suggestion?

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    Did you save the footprint library before you added the footprint into the schematic symbol? Usually that is the problem.

    You can add the footprint again or try to save everything and compile the library, it may correct itself. Let us know when you fix it.


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      Thank you Robert, it was a different origin issue, fixed.

      In case we need to create or edit 3D step models, which software is recommended?

      In some projects we need to specify box mechanical and cutout on face/rear plate for connectors or LEDs, can we use 3D models to define this cutouts?



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        We do not have any special CAD. If I need, I use free DesignSpark software. Some time ago I mage a video about it, maybe it will help: How to Design a BOX for my PCB? It’s simple and Free


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          Robert, Thank you for great video and introduction of useful software, I almost got answer to my question.
          I guess mounting hole is missing from your video, adding it certainly will make it more strong.

          With standard boxes, I guess manufacturer will give the 3D, so we just need to specify the openings, am I right?


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            The video is just a simple demo to show how it can be done. Details will need to be done by you

            I do not know if every box / profile / extrusion manufacturer provides 3D model. You may need to draw it by yourself and then create the panel with openings.

            Panels are usually not difficult. For example, when I was doing panel for some of our boards, I even didn't create the exact extrusion shape, I just created a very simple shape and placed the board into the right height. Then I created empty panels with the right mounting hole position and did the openings. It's not a proper 3D model, but it worked well to create the panels.