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  • xSignals Problem

    Hi, all, I enabled xsignals in my project and there is some strange.

    I created a separate project to route the flyby chain, without xsignals.

    I know that altium if you enter the exact stackup computes the via on the routing but only the portion of the via you enter and exit so it´s fine to minimize skew.

    I started flyby from the top vias to Memory 1 and then to memory 2

    From the top vias to the Memory 1 i routed 2 mil tolerance all signals, the same for the second stage.

    After enabling xsignals, xsignals says there is 40 mil tolerance from memory 1 to memory 2 ...
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    Sorry, i apologize, i routed wrong the second stage!

    I checked by doing a separate project for the second stage and pasting the traces on the first stage project and now its fine .

    I lost the routing reference when i started the second stage and i unbalanced the tracks by forcing to maintain the tolerance

    This demostrates the usefull that xsignals tools is !

    Stupid but dangerous mistake!

    By error i discovered a good way for routing fly by

    Step1: place top vias and go down to Memory chip 1.

    Step 2: enable xsignals and continue to chip 2
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