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  • ActiveRoute

    Hi Guys,

    In Altium 17 a new feature is introduced, ActiveRoute. Have tried it? any opinion about other new features?


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    Just saw:
    "Automatically translate part parameters to your PCB to easily define design rule scopes and communicate design intent."
    Video shows that component parameters transferred to PCB, if you remember this was most wanted feature and we had more discussion so far.


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      I have Altium 17 installed already, but haven't had enough time to play with it - I just tried a few of the new features. I haven't tried the active route but people say it's a bit buggy in the moment and not very easy to use. I might create a new topic for AD17.


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        Dear Mario,

        It is good idea to start a discussion on new features.

        Still a stack up simulator is missing, and robust SI analysis tool;

        However, if it transfer schematic data to PCB, indeed fixing one of big issues.

        Switching to Altium16, there was a huge amount of change in GUI and default value; it took me 1month to tune the software again!
        How do you see the AD17 after install, is it keeping defaults or we need to retune it again?



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          I think they changed some things again, particularly with key binds people have been complaining. But you can always export preferences file from 16 and load it into 17. Apart from that when you first start 17, it asks you if you wish to load your 16 settings (if you are installing on the same PC/account).

          I personally don't find the feature of transferring schematic parameters to the PCB too useful, although it seems like a good thing to have if you need it. What would you use it for?

          BTW it's Mairo, many people misread it :P


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            I have seen ActiveRoute on an exhibition and it looks interesting, but I believe it is still missing some features (e.g. spread tracks, define place for VIAs, partial routing, ...). Also, I know, Altium always need at least 2-3 versions to make new features to work properly, so I usually try the new features later. It saves me some time from trying to figure out why something is not working and finding out, that it is not working because it's a bug.

            But I will definitely try it. I am keen to try Draftsman now, I hope now it should work oki

            Please, continue this discussion, I am curious about the new AD17 features and your opinion.