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Filter to show unconnected nets

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  • Filter to show unconnected nets

    Is there a filter to easily show nets that have not yet been connected? It's very useful to see what remains to be routed on the board

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    Maybe you can set a filter, but easy way to see unconnected nets is View->Connections->Show All. Probably the most comfortable way to see unconnected nets is to use DRC: Tools -> Design Rule Check -> Run Design Rule check. Then go to the bottom right corner of your PCB and click on PCB -> PCB Rules and Violations

    Screenshot: Unrouted nets in PCB Rules and Violations window
    Click image for larger version

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      I have no issues even though there are hundreds of unconnected nets.

      The show nets is hard to see and easy to miss if they are close together. I would of thought there would be a way to show a list.

      Also in my case I have routed a power net 3V3 and want to check that net is fully routed before carrying on. I see no easy way to do that.


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        Probably it is not checked in DRC window (Tools -> Design Rule Check -> Rules to Check -> Electrical -> Un-Routed Net ), see below:

        Click image for larger version

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          Its already checked


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            Did you press "Run Design Rule Check ..." button?


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              Haha.. ooops. That would be why. Thanks.

              So that gives me a list of all unconnected routes. I'm now trying to write a filter as they would be much better. I can't find any call that is for "unconnected" or "unrouted"


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                Ok I found a nice way. Create a new unrouted connections rule in Design->Rules... and add InNet('+3V3'), change priority to above the All rule, and re-rule rule checker.

                Then you can really easily see the disconnected items in that net.

                Now it would still be nice to do this directly in filter window just typing a net, but for now this will do


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                  thanks for information guys!