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Creating schematic library for HOLTEK microcontrollers.

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  • Creating schematic library for HOLTEK microcontrollers.

    I want to create library for holtek micro controller ,but unfortunately when I search that micro controller into supply websites (for automatically importing parameters into altume) none of them did not have holtek micro controller,
    so should I write all parameters manually? or it is a way to importing parameters into altume?
    that micro which I want to create is BS66F360 (manufacture web site is:

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    I would rather be worried about the practical availability of the chip. Why would you use such in a design, if it's not widely available? Apart from that I would manually enter the parameters.


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      I totally agree with mairomaster's comment. Be very careful about using components which are not available from standard suppliers.

      To answer your question, you can add parameters manually, no problem. Just call them same way as you call them in the other components - so they are then recognized by BOM template.


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        ​mairomaster robertferanec thank you very much. the main reason why we use this, is its price, it is cheaper than other similar micro controllers.