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  • Top Paste under IC

    I would like to know, how I can breakdown the solder paste underneath a IC into 4 part manually ?

    TIP #014: If you have an exposed pad on your component, consider breaking solder paste into smaller pieces.Why? It helps during soldering.Would you like to s...

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    First, set the paste expansion of the pad to a large enough negative value, so that the paste over the pad disappears completely (select the paste layer so that you can see the paste on top of the pad first). After that, while you are on the paste layer, draw the shapes you would like by placing fills over the pad.


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      Cool ! Thanks

      The IPC footprint wizard always giving error for this type of 4 part paste. Like E2 or D2 must be higher than xxx mm

      Can you also point out why I am getting the error


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        I don't really use the IPC footprint generator for doing the paste bits, I do them manually after generating the footprint. I don't know why are you getting this error, normally it happens if the values you enter are outside the limits for some reason.