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  • Shock & Vibration

    Hi Guys,

    Some system and application is subject to shock & vibration at some level, so is the related electronic section which is subject to related test. I would like to know how we can take care of this issue while designing and manufacturing the PCB? Especially when selecting components? Looking at a datasheet, is there any section to specify the level of resilience to vibration?


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    I haven't done such design but I might consider a couple of things.

    You should avoid using heavy components on the PCB. Big heat sinks for example can be an issue.Also tall SMD components have bigger chance to break off, due to the bigger torque created with respect to the solder joint.

    I've seen PCBs mounted on spring stand offs for vibration reasons - you can consider such option as well.


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      We have never specifically designed boards for extreme vibration environment, but I know many customers use our boards in applications such cars and I have not heard about any special problems. Definitely follow mairomaster's recommendations, be specially careful about heavy components, number of mounting holes and their position.


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        Thank you BASEL for sharing