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Inner board outline cut-out to Gerbers

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  • Inner board outline cut-out to Gerbers

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to do an inner outline (a hole in the center of the PCB).
    I did on mechanical 1 a circle then selected it and Tools->convert-> "create board cutout from primitive" , in 3D it works fine, but when I generate the gerber and send it to the manufacturer, the hole in the middle doesn't appears.
    The outline of the PCB should be on mechanical 1 right? If i look in the .GKO (keep out layer) there is nothing in it. Is there any thing that I missed?

    Thank you for your help
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    We always create a special layer called Board outline, where we draw the PCB outline and then we use it in gerbers and documentation.


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      Thank you Robert, but why they can not just use the mechanical 1 as Board outline?


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        Well to do it more simple I just put a hole with no copper (not platted)
        What do you think?
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          Many people do things differently. I think the best is what you feel is right