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Optional Resistor and X,Y Coordinates for P&P Machine

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  • Optional Resistor and X,Y Coordinates for P&P Machine

    Hi everyone, i've watched the very nice video of robertferanec about the optional resistor, tip 59 on youtube channel.
    Here the link:
    And i've a question about that particular footprint, for example for the 3 pads resistor where the middle pad it's shared between others.
    When you generate Pick and Place file for a PCB that in the first variant use the right resistor and in second variant use the left resistor, which
    value of center components Altium takes?

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    These are two resistors on top of each other (just add an exception into the rules). Then, you do not have any problems with BOMs, drawings or Pick and Place machines - it is all automatically generated correctly. You can download the project and check by yourself how it is created:


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      Very nice, thanks a lot robertferanec !