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  • Gerber file problem

    Hi Mr Feranec. I faced to problems on gerber file 1. When I draw PCB, I covered some field with polygon. But when I create gerber file, that field becomes blank. In other words, polygon that I draw in PCB disappears when I create gerber file. Please refer image 2. I noticed that track does not appear as we draw when I create gerber file. Please refer image I hope you can help me.

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    Hi Nomin, this is very interesting.
    - the first picture with short circuits: What gerber viewer are you using? Could you try to zoom in? It looks to me like it could be a problem with gerber viewer?
    - the second picture with empty polygons: Can you see the polygons correctly in Altium? Did you try to "Tools -> Polygon Pour -> Rebuild All"?
    Please, let me know.