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    In a big design I saw a very strange case, in interactive and manual routing mode when I select a GND net, Altium locks with no response and show no sign, until around 100s, then returns back to normal. It repeats if I click on GND net, strange is that it happens just with GND net. Any comment?

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    Try to select and delete all tracks and polygons connected to GND and check if it helps. If yes, try to located which track / polygon is causing the problem.


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      Dear Robert, thank you for your response;
      it was a big board with deadline already passed! so there was no option to do,
      Board is finished and ordered, but I would like to find the root reason, I remember that it showed up after I made a change in routing mode, but strange was the fact that it happening just with the GND net!!!


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        I suggested that, because I think someone else had very similar issue. I just can not find that email. But I think it was a specific polygon related issue and once the polygon was deleted and re-drawn everything was working oki again.


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          Thank you, I will give it a try!

          After this many years from early Protel to current AD, still there are some issues that shows up especially with big and complicated design, which is really annoying! I think AD's people should pay more attention to them.



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            I switched back to AD16.1, this issue is gone! There are many things which is wrong in AD17, I think we can say it is bug!