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    Dear Robert,

    In a design with length tuning, I do see a very strange behavior. After finishing the work and checking design rules and making sure all rules done, when I reopen the design strange and messy trace appear in the design! Attached is a screen shoot.

    Click image for larger version

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    Any idea why it happen?

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    Another related question, how we can include package trace into total length tuning?


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      - Length tuning - something went wrong. I am not sure why you see the lines, but they are clearly the waves which you already have in design. It looks to me like CTRL+C... CTRL+V problem (maybe you copied some tracks and you had also something else selected?)

      - pin delay, this may help you:


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        Thank you Robert,

        Friend of mine suggested that this issue is related to the fact that I was not using "Explode to Length Tuning To Free Primitives", I did it, also I went to PCB tab and check all Unions, and resolved all. Any comment?

        I also see some algorithmic issue with length tuning. We usually select a group of nets and use longest as target with a +/- value, length matching will tune the length but by adding a +, now new net is the longest and new target and it will start an endless loop, it happened to me. Am I doing something wrong or missing a point?



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          - I have never had this issue, so if explode helped, it's awesome
          - Do not make it longer. Keep it smaller than target, that should help.