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How to customize board stack-up report?

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  • How to customize board stack-up report?

    Hi all!
    I have a question about the board stak-up report. Is it possible to customize the template (As in the BOM) in order to generate a customized board stack-up report? I've tried opening the stack-up report template but it seems to be blank. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Pedro, please can you add some screenshots (what you would like to change) and also let us know your Altium version? I have never had to change the stackup report template, but it may be interesting to know if it can be done.


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      Hi Robert,

      I've attached a screenshot. What I want to do is to modify the template file "Board Stack Report.XLT" (As it can be done with BOM templates), but when I open the file it just have a title and the rest is blank.



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        Hi Pedro, only what I was able to do was this:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	stackup picture.png
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ID:	6303

        I just went to PCB: Design -> Layer Stack Manager and clicked on "Copy Image to Clipboard" button.

        What would you like to adjust in the template?


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          Hi Robert,

          Thank you for the answer but unfortunately that's not what I was looking for. I need to customize the report that Altium generates with the board stack-up. If I find the solution (I'm starting to think that is not possible) I'll post it here!