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How can I remove dead copper in internal planes automatically?

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  • How can I remove dead copper in internal planes automatically?


    I was trying to find out how to remove dead copper in internal planes automatically and I didn't find anything on the internet. It seems to be that people use region with Kind = Polygon cutout. I can't believe that we have to do that manually.
    Anyone knows how to do that automatically?

    And I would like to create a rule for avoiding lines < 0.15mm in the internal planes. I attached a screenshot with an explanation. A solution is to use region with Kind = Polygon cutout, but I don't like to use this way.

    So If it's impossible to do that probably it's better to stop using internal planes and instead of using internal planes use normal planes with pour regions.

    I read in this forum:

    A person who said that from Altium: "I remember to read from somewhere in AD online documentation that they left "plane" feature just for compatibility and they suggest everyone switch to using internal layers instead."

    So, Is it better not to use internal planes and use better internal layers?

    Best regards.

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    I only use Plane layer in Altium for solid one layer plane (e.g. GND). Otherwise I always use a standard Signal layer with Polygons (even for power planes).

    Plane layer has advantage (e.g. if you place a VIA it will automatically connect or make clearance around it), but I do not like to use Plane layers for layers with more than one polygon or for layers where I need to draw tracks.

    What you are describing can be done with standard polygon (I believe you know that), however, I am not sure if you can control minimum track or dead copper on the Plane layer


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      Thank you very much, Robert.

      Eventually, I've decided to use signal layers instead of internal layers.

      Best regards.