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How to Cross Probe net then Reposition Selected Component without losing highlighting

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  • How to Cross Probe net then Reposition Selected Component without losing highlighting

    I am working through one of the courses and see that a net or pin can be cross probed, which is then highlighted in the PCB, then select a component in the schematic and use Reposition Selected Component in the PCB, but when I go to select the component I lose the net highlighting.
    I've uploaded a short clip of what I am doing on YouTube. I select Cross Probe, left click the VIN pin, right click to cancel the cross probe, left click the capacitor which then deselects the net highlighting.

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    This will help you: especially this:

    Basically, Altium has broke that feature


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      Thanks Robert, I forgot to check that page for the new "features".
      I tried following the new way but I am getting the same issue, see this clip
      However, I am pretty sure when I tried this on my work machine it worked - I will retry this and post the results. Both machines are running 17.1

      I did notice that if you hold shift when making the first selection - I'm not sure if you are doing this or not in your video - that it works the same or similar to the old way, see this clip where I hold shift when selecting the first component


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        Tom, the SHIFT trick is NICE!!!!!! I tested it in AD17, it works Thank you!


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          Glad to have helped


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            Hello Robert,
            I am working on Advanced PCB Layout Course and I have the same problem with Altium 20
            Maybe something wrong with PCB settings.
            Do You know such problem with new Altium version?

            highlighting loses every time when I press reposition selected component.

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              This will help:


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                Thank You Robert,
                Altium changes the UI between versions and If I correctly understand in version 20 is not possible "reposition selected component" in dim mode. Diplay will becom colored after presing that button.


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                  The video is in AD20 and yes, it is not as good as it used to be


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                    An excellent tip from Marek! Thank you.

                    Be sure that in Preferences->PCB Editor->Display you UNCHECK these two options:
                    - Apply Mask During Interactive Editing
                    - Apply Highlight During Interactive Editing

                    When these settings are unchecked, when you will be placing components, the mask will stay ON!