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[Warning] GND contains IO Pin and Power Pin Objects

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  • [Warning] GND contains IO Pin and Power Pin Objects


    I have just started using Altium Designer Tool and have come across this warning :-

    "GND contains IO Pin and Power Pin Objects"

    I have given 'GND Power Port' to the pins that have to be grounded as per the pinouts given in the data sheet.

    Can you explain what the error actually means ? I am unable to understand it and unable to debugg/ troubleshoot it.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Gesota S.

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    Did you set pin type in your symbols (e.g. input, output, bidirectional, etc)?

    I do not assign type to symbol pins for several reasons - and this may be one of them (warnings and errors which are not very useful)


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      Thank you for replying sir.
      Yes sir, the warning pops up when i have selected the pin type as INPUT.
      Also there is a series Resistor which is connected to the pin.

      I found some information here :-
      Link 1 - Electronics Stack Exchange
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        yep, that is exactly one of the reasons why I do not set pin types - this kind of warnings.