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When to use Blind and Buried Vias

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  • When to use Blind and Buried Vias

    Dear Sir,

    I have developed an 8 layer PCB design for an FPGA device containing around 10000 tracks and 1000 vias. PCB manufacturer is encouraging me not to use blind, buried vias so to minimize cost and because this is not compatible with the standards and also rarely used. But it is rather difficult for me to avoid them because design is rather complex.

    Therefore when I shall use blind buried vias? How I can avoid them ?

    Can I use with Altium through hole PCBs with stubs thus avoiding buried, blind vias for high speed PCB design? Any other recommendation is appreciated.



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    Blind and Buried VIAs are absolutely normal. If cost of your PCB is not very sensitive or if you have no other option, you can use them, no problem. Check out a different PCB manufacturer ( we use this one: ).

    PS: We do design boards with high speed interfaces and through hole VIAs only (have a look at our OpenRex board ). However, you may want to consider stub in VIA when deciding on used layers.