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Updating PCB in number of Layers and PCB Merging

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  • Updating PCB in number of Layers and PCB Merging

    Hello everyone ,

    I want to update my design from 4-layer PCB to 6-layer PCB, please find the two stack-ups(4-layer and 6-layer) below. Could anyone suggest me the best way of doing it, so that it reduces putting more effort in doing changes?

    Thanks in advance.
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    How are you planning to use the 2 new layers?


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      4 - Layer stack-up - Signal(T) - GND(layer) - Split power plane - Signal(B).
      6 - Layer stack-up - Signal(T) - Split power plane - Signal - Signal - GND(layer) - Signal(B).
      I may use one of the 2 new signal layers for drawing power polygons, and on other, I may route few signals. Actually, I am planning to merge this 4 layer PCB with a 6 layer PCB. When I had gone through this article - "" I came to know that the two individual PCBs should be same in a number of layers, names, and stack-up. This is why as a first step I am updating this to 6-layer PCB. So, I may not use those two new layers much.

      I think I have answered your question!


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        I would add the two new layers into the middle of the stackup. Then, you still could use most from the 4 layer layout and simply add everything new on the two new layers.