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Multiple part component - power supply pins

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  • Multiple part component - power supply pins

    Hi guys,

    I need to create schematic symbol for high pin count component, so I thought it would be better to create it as multi part component, like seen on many professional reference designs. Actually, I want to have separate part for the power pins and for the rest of pins. I have not used this concept before so I read the altium explanation about. I understand the procedure but I am in doubt about the power pins. As far as I understood, there are two options about: 1) To create additional part with power pins, and 2) Create power pins as hidden. I got an impression that the second option is advised because of possibility for pin swapping during the re-annotation in the first option, if pins are not locked. Therefore, I want to check it with you if there is a crucial difference between those. What you usually use? I prefer to have separate part for power pins (basically that is the option #1), but I don't like the feel that it can lead to swapped pins error, that is not easy detectable.

    Thank you for your time,

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    I never hide pins (I do not like symbols with hidden pins, it is not easy to check the schematic and re-use the symbol). Also, if I need to swap something, usually I swap it manually.

    PS: I use the Option 1)

    PSS: I have never needed to swap power pins. I am not sure when this could be used.


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      Thank you Robert! I am more confident now, when I realized how you make it.