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  • ECO errors

    Hi fellows,

    When I ran the ECO, I received the same messages as this link:

    Hi all, I am new to altium. I am using version 14. My problems when importing changes (design > import changes) 1. unknown pin. 2. failed to add class member. I imported an eagle library. Copied two components from this library into an custom altium library - image 3. When I copied them I...

    the problem was exactly the same. The pins were correct and I could not find anything wrong.
    To solve the problem I did the same procedure. But I could not understand either.

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    I do not really know. Usually, the problems are:
    - wrong pin names between symbol and footprint
    - unsychronized component links.

    However I need to say, that I also have to sometimes use the hard way to fix problems with synchronization - usually I just delete the problematic component from PCB and import the changes. Suddenly everything is ok


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      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the answer. Later on I found the problem. It was a zif socket, when I create the library I chose the component type as mechanic instead of standart. So it was not appearing on the PCB. Forget that solution does not work. You know Altium is little bit buggy, and sometimes you don´t know if you are making a mistake or it's a bug.



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        Thank you for sharing.