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problem in compiling schematic design and update PCB document

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  • problem in compiling schematic design and update PCB document

    Recently I purchased the switching power supply design course but I have some problems in the course.

    First of all, after I followed the videos and finished the schematic drawing. I compile the schematic document but I found several warnings. It wrote "Floating Power Object" as shown in the following screen shot:

    I don't know whats wrong with my drawing, the problems did not solved even I deleted and re-draw the GND symbol. There are several GND and power symbols contain this warning.

    Another problem is that when I updated the PCB document, one of the items showed error as shown in the following screen shot:

    I don't know whether this error is related to the warnings when compiling the schematic document. Please help to answer my questions, thank you very much!

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    hon13071184d could you please reattach the screenshot?, i can't see that


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      Please find the attached screenshots, thank you


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        Dear friend
        I guess if the +5 V and the GND are a bit distant and rooted, the problem is solved


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          Thanks alferdvidal!!!

          I have solved the "Floating Power Object" warning by re-placing the GND and VCC symbols and now there is no warning after compiling the schematic file. For the problem of updating PCB document, I removed the net name of the GND symbols in the schematic. After I name "GND" as the net name of each GND symbol, the updating has no problem


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            hon13071184d awesome

            PS: When you are drawing symbols and when you are drawing schematic, be careful about grids. If you create symbols with pins which are off the grid, or if you place symbol which has pins placed off grid (see the screenshot below), then you may have problems to connect them (and also you will get the off grid warning).

            Click image for larger version

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            • multan07
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              Hi Robert,

              I see Off Grid Warning for connection jumper 3 LINKs, all 4 Fiducial, and Socket. You know these components are not physically connected to any of the Arduino UNO circuit.

              Are these ignoble or I should fix these? Could you please guide me to fix these?

            • multan07
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              I have solved the issue by selecting the components and then using the Edit » Align » Align To Grid command that I found here
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            Hi Robert
            Thanks a lot