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    Hi, people, I had a doubt. I needed to place some components around a circle with same angular spacing between them , so in separate layer I made the main circle and put marks where the components should be placed using the option paste espacial -> paste array. It worked good but I wonder if there is another fastest way. that's it thanks.

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    jpnbino I apologize. I have not received any notification about your post.

    I believe, you should be able to do this through grids. Go to your PCB, click on Snap button (bottom right corner) -> Grids -> Menu -> Add Polar Grid

    Click image for larger version

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      Sorry, for my very delayed reply. Sir, it worked fine for me at the time using smart paste array function. Edit -> Paste Special -> Paste Array -> Circular option. With this option I just needed to set up the first position of the object using a sin(x) and cos(x) handmade calculus. Looks like defining a polar is far faster and easier.

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        Wow, interesting. Thank you very much for letting us know about the special paste feature. I didn't know about that.