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  • Net Connection Check!

    Hi everyone,

    Checking connections and making sure all are connected and there is no floating net is a critical task. Also compiling design and connection matrix is very helpful, but there are situation that these tools can not help or probably I do not know how to use it, and so need your help.

    Here is the case, in this schematic RESET net is branched from RC network and need to be connected to a another point,
    Click image for larger version

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    if you miss to do the connection and then ask tool to check the connection, it won't give warning or error message and if you go to production it will turn to a problem. In case like this do we have any extra tool or setting to dissolve the issue?

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    Hi JohnsonMiller
    When you compile a schematic, if you have an error in the schematic, you will be warned. And you will notice that there is a type of error.
    Did I get your problem right?


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      Hi Alfred,

      Thank you for your comment,

      I am familiar with the process of compile and debug in schematic, problem here is the fact that Altium does not generate error or warning for above schematic! If net label is not correct or by any means we forget to complete the connection, no error will appear and if you manufacture the board, it will be faulty. My question is "Do we have any possibility or setting in connection matrix to detect case like that schematic?" or "can we consider this case floating net?",



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        Hi johnsonmiller
        Think it helps:



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          JohnsonMiller that is why I always manually browse all the nets in my schematic and I always check if all pins are correctly connected:


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            Dear Robert
            Thank you a lot