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Multi-part component (2 parts)

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  • Multi-part component (2 parts)

    Hello everyone,

    I am using the Altium Vault and I have a 2 part component (an inductor).

    Part A of the component = electrical connection.
    Part B of the component = mechanical support (no electrical connection).

    I am a newbie, so please bear with me

    Question: It is a must to have both in the schematic even though I leave "Part B" floating ? In other words, can I leave out "Part B" from the schematic ? My fear is not to have any problem later with the PCB layout.

    Your time is greatly appreciated !

    Here is the datasheet if anyone needs it:

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    You don't really need the second part included in the schematics in this case.


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      well thats a wierd way of making a component guess someone thought it would help.. I agree with mairomaster you dont need to implement it on the schematics.. but I would suggest removing it just to be sure.. just delete part B from the library component in your local lib.