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  • Save component location (coordinates)

    Hello everyone,

    After the layout is finished, I found out that some of the components I am using are out of stock, so I got replacements for them (same footprints --> PCB layout does not change).
    In order to have the BOM with those components replaced, I updated the schematic with the new ones and also the PCB document in order to not have any discrepancies between schematic sheet and PCB (because in the future, if I revisit the project and say updated PCB, I want it to say "no differences were found" so that I know schematic and PCB were updated and relate to each other with no differences).

    After updating PCB, I need to reposition each and every component exactly the same, which is time consuming.

    Does anyone know a way to save the location of the old components (X and Y coordinates) and give those coordinates to the new components ?

    1) I have resistor R1 placed in some (X,Y) coordinates with some orientation (e.g. 90.000º)
    2) I need to replace the R1 resistor with another one from another manufacturer because of out of stock. Exact same footprint and also I give exact same designator to the new resistor, so it will have R1 also.
    3) Update PCB --> the old resistor is erased from the PCB layout and the new resistor appears in its default position (out of the PCB). Now, I need to place the new resistor in the place the old one was i.e. give the same coordinates and same orientation.

    Is there a quick way to do this ?
    How do you guys go through this one when you want to update the schematic (hence the BOM) but do not want to change the PCB because the new components have exactly the same footprint ?

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    In the best case this happens automatically. That should be the case if you are using the Item Manager to change the components in the schematics lets say.

    In your case you need to first link the new components to the ones you already have in the PCB and do the ECO after everything is linked. You can do this from the PCB windows, Project -> Component Links. That way the ECO will just update the components in the PCB and not delete the others and import the new ones.


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      You are the man. You saved me hours of work.


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        You can also add replacements directly into your SCH library and then just add Supplier 2 into your BOM:

        Click image for larger version

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          Robert, that is another way. However, I do not like that because I want all my components to come from the same supplier, otherwise you will get charged with shipping costs from 2 (or more) different suppliers. I want to pay shipping costs only once, hence 1 supplier for all the components.


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            I absolutely agree - all components from one supplier are the best. I think, you can also add another replacement from Digikey (I do not really use that additional option, because in real production, the people from purchasing buy the components from different sources anyway).