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[ALTIUM 18] issue with variants and pdf output

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  • [ALTIUM 18] issue with variants and pdf output

    Hi, on a personal card project, i have created a variant for my card. this work fine on schematic but when i want to make a pdf of all the schematic in my recent variant it didn't work. There is always create in no variant mode ... The step that i followed is
    - create the variant
    - compile the project
    - select the variant created in Variants tree
    - define the component not fitted
    - compile the projet
    - in the output job select the variant just created

    But this don't work. For the schematic print, i can't select the variant. See picture under

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    Hmm, I tried that on my finished 28 pins project and I can see all the variants in the list. Try to select [PCB Document] in the filed two columns on the left (I can not take screenshot at this moment, but if it doesn't work for you, let me know, once I am in the office I will take the screenshot)


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      Hi, yes i have just tested before your message and it's working. That's strange to need to specify this option to activate variants !