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Multilayer routing

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  • Multilayer routing

    Hi, i'm stuck on a four board layer with via ! With 2 layer it's simple, when i'm placing track just click + ou - to place a via from top to bottom ... Now i have a board with 4 layers and when i place a via i can just route track on top or bottom. For example if i place a track on top and want to go on third layer, i can't. How i can do this please ? See picture under

    Place a via from top and try to root from mid-layer 2 i can't connect to the via !

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    I usually use the " * " (star) key to switch through the layers when routing.. but + and - should work fine too..

    but you can't connect a net from scratch to a net that already has a net identifier on it.

    so either first do the toplayer and place the via.. then to the layer you want to continu and start on the via! that way your net identifier will be placed upon the new track.. if you want to do it like you are doing it will see a mismatch between the net identifier so basically the net with the via usb_otg_blablabla wants to connect to track "no net name" which in theory is a short circuit .. so altium will not let you!!! (there are ways around i thought)

    let me know if this helped


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      Hi and thanks for your help, i have found the reason why i can't route track on medium layer, see the picture under ...


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        that helps too