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    Hi Guys,

    I come across Altium NEXUS. Looks to be issued from Altium claiming targeted for data management, do you know the tools? how it help in the design process?


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    From what I understand, one of the big differences is for example library management - you can not simply just create libraries in NEXUS (you can if you enable it in the advanced menu, but I believe default it is hidden). But otherwise I am also interested to see what it is actually about - it is just hard to find someone who would show for example how the biggest companies have altium implemented and how they for example use NEXUS. Only what I have seen are some marketing materials - and I have no idea what that means - tons of empty marketing and buzzing words.


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      At my company we concluded that Nexus is more of a marketing gimmick at the moment rather than a proper distinguishable product. We are using Nexus just because it was supposed to be the more advanced of the two and we weren't sure if we will miss anything if we go with the basic Altium. They seemed to have changed the idea about Nexus a couple of times already - it's never clear what direction they will go in.

      I doubt any big company has a proper implementation of Nexus yet, the product needs to evolve and establish some principles first.


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        i thought that nexus was the altium variant were the Vault is directly included?? @mairomaster.. how is it working for you?
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          It works alright, it's pretty much the same as the standard Altium. I haven't done direct comparison though.