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Any good offline database library with lots of components ?

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  • Any good offline database library with lots of components ?


    I was recently searching for an offline database to use within Altium Design, a database with most used components, parts, schematics, footprints, and STEP files. I have found one on GitHub called Celestial Altium Library. It looks quite good for my current needs, but does anyone here manage to make it run on its computer? I followed all their instructions but always don't get to Register an Account because I don't receive any email when using their "Celestial Altium Database Desktop Manager".

    When I install Celestial library in Altium using the "Install from file...", the tables of that library appears and looks as if everything okay. But whenever I try to use the "Libraries Search" Tool, to search for components inside that Celestial Library using a Keyword, I always get a database error like this one:

    EOLeException error executing:
    Select * From [Audio - Amplifier]
    Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\Altium\AD18\database.accdb'
    Can someone provide a tutorial on how to install Altium Celestial Library and how to configure database for it to work properly ?

    My configuration:

    - Altium Design 18
    - Windows 8.1 64bit
    - Microsoft Office 2013 64bit (include Access and Excel)
    - Access Database Engine Installed (AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe)

    Thank You

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    same here.. you can acces the stand alone libs.. but then you do not have the links or if you just want footprints and schematic symbols.. you can make this work for you.. but better to contact their support..

    on thier page there are more issues with this lib
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      I would like to put same requests and ask your help on how to setup the database library. I used to work for a company which was deployed the database form library, very effective and less faulty. Library (SCH/PCB) creation was in two step and their management was different from design engineers.


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        you should contact them directly, you can do it by your self !

        i checked out the lib and although it was nice, it's not that special.. you have to invest some time, but create components your self and before you know it you will have a very big database of your own..